Skills acquired

Day trip planning and meal prep

On route water purifiying and prep

Leave no trace practices

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This is OSM... More than Adventure

Starting at $65 pp Spring.Summer.Fall

More than just another hiking tour, up your game by learning from our expert backcountry guides. Use professional equipment to make a meal, explore caves/crevices, and go on an amazing hike through the Niagara Escarpment.

Starting at $65 pp Winter

Our snowshoe hiking tours are for those with a sense of adventure. Learn from our expert winter camping guides and hike the Niagara Escarpment. Building shelter, setting up camp, making meals and collecting water are all apart of this tour

Skills acquired

Winter day trip planning and meal prep

On route water purifiying and prep

Winter shelter building

Starting at $65 pp Year Round

Axes weren’t meant to be thrown and if your great grandfather saw you throwing his precious tool of survial - he’d feed you to the wolves. Learn what an axe is really for and fell a tree yourself with the help of our pros - buck it, split and start a fire. Includes a short hike and all the gear is provided

Skills acquired

Axe handling and tool up keep

Proper technique for chopping, felling and spliting

Fire making techniques (winter only)

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