OSM Dryland Skill Clinics

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“Our Dryland Clinics are a fun way to connect with your local outdoor adventure community and collectively learn new skills and perspective together”

Bring the outdoor like-minded together at your event or establishment

“We offer interactive clinics that inspire and bring together the local outdoor community by sharing skills and knowledge...

Our first and foremost priority is to have fun and offer your establishment or event an intriguing experience that is meant to spark the adventurous spirit in everyone attending. Perfect for wintertime in small brew pubs or other small spaces - bike shops, coffee shops, gear shops etc, this fully mobile experience comes with real world experience in the outdoor adventure industry.

An interactive experience that engages the audience and instructs important skills that are needed to take you outdoor pursuits to the next level!

Our Clinics

Risk Management & Trip Planning

A look into what is outdoor pursuit risk management and its relation to trip planning. Includes hands on Map and Compass skills and how using a route card can help you plan better and more satisfying back country trips

What and how to Pack....without looking like a noob

Learn what it takes to pack for your next trip by comparing different equipement choices and packing styles between preparing for a backcountry hiking trip to a multi day sea kayak expedition. See and feel the tools of the trade as you pack both a pack and a seakayak in groups

Knots and Lashing - the core of bushcraft skill

Take your knot game to the next level and learn the basics of the trade. Explore different knot types and uses and its application to modern outdoor pursuits. Take home a length of rope and material to help practice

Advanced Map & Compass Skills

So you can take a bearing from the map and apply it to the real-world. That’s great!.. but did you know that magnetic declination is going to send you off course? Take your M/C skills to the next level and learn a little further about different techniques used by professionals to determine their position without a compass, adjust their compasss for the moving magnetic field of the earth, determine your posisiton based on time and what exactly is longtitude and latitude... and much more.

Meal planning and equipment use

Probably one of the most important aspects of your trip plan is how to fuel  your most important machine - your body... and balancing the weight of carrying it all. Learn tips and technique from the pros about meal planning, menu options, cooking technique and equipement