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“An opportunity for your group to plan and execute your own backcountry trip - anywhere in Ontario, with step by step help from our expert guides”

Phase 1 - Determining group goals and Trip Outline

Our first and foremost priority is to assist you in designing and producing an outdoor adventure pursuit that is both safe and achievable for your group. This means having a discussion on what your group wants out of their experience and using our judgement to help talior that into a unified goal.

Phase 2 - Trip Planning and Gear allocation

Once an outline is set our next priority is putting those ideas to action by preparing a proper Trip plan. Don’t worry we are here every step of the way to help you with comprehensive templates and support. Trip plans consist of Route Cards, Meal plans, Emergency Measures, Equipment lists and more - but we’ll walk you through it!

How does our Mentor Backcountry Program work?

Phase 3 - Technical Gear & Skill Sets

With your trip plan complete it is now ready for our final review and approval. Our focus now turns to basic outdoor skills like setting up tents, using stoves and packing techniques and theory etc. Spend a day with us going through these skills and more so that everyone in your group is comfortable with their abilities - before your trip.

Phase 4 - Gear Distribution & Trip Execution - Let’s go!

It’s time to go! Enjoy the fruits of your labour and your trip with one of our guides who will be there to mentor your experience by staying on hand if needed. This is your trip and you’ve worked hard for it and we want to see your group succeed and enjoy the outdoors for years to come!

Backcountry Paddling Experience


Program Principals

Our Mentor Backcountry Program is designed to help avid adventurers plan and execute their own sustainable, achievable and memorable trips in an effort to strengthen the outdoor community process and mentalitly towards its own Risk Management practices

Backcountry Hiking Experience


Winter Backcountry Camping Experience


Nordic Skiing Backcountry Experience


Bikepacking Experience

Nordic Skiing Backcountry Experience


Winter Backcountry Camping Experience

Pick your experience - plan it. learn it. do it

How the schedule works

Each month we have selected experiences that fit the season. Our program is separated into 4 phases. The first 2 phases are 2-3 hour sessions performed either in person or via online meeting. Phase 3 is planned as a half day of in-field instruction and Phase 4 is your final trip plan being executed. Our program is designed for 2 night (ie. weekend) trips but is capable of being expanded into 5 day excursions for more advanced groups.

Week 1 - Meet n’ Greet and discussion of Trip Outline, gear lists and equipment

Week 2 - Trip planning and Trip Prep

Week 3 - Technical gear and Skill sets

Week 4 - Trip execution

How these weeks work best within the month is up to you! For example - Our September Paddling experince, Phases 1-2 could be in started in August and Phases 3-4 completed in September.

Autumn Season

Winter Season