Bushcraft & Axe Skills Tour // Niagara Escarpment

A rugged, authentic Canadian Experience

Tour Details

Length: 2.0-4.0 Hours

$65 Adult

$35 Youth (with 2 adults)

Reservations are required


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Our Bushcraft & Axe Skills Tour highlights the lush forest and rock formations that have made the Niagara Escarpment world famous and a protected Biosphere . With this tour you will hike into the woods - axes, saws and equipment in tow, and learn how to take a tree from standing to firewood.  Your group will fell a log using an axe under our supervision and guidance, then cut the log into chunks and split the chunks into useable firewood. Nothing is more Canadian then a crisp fall day, with bannock cooking and swinging an axe in preperation of the winter months.

Our Bushcraft & Axe Skills Tour also includes,

  1. Lush natural forest along the Bruce Trail

  2. Instruction on the care and maintence of bushcraft tools

  3. A traditional “lumberjack lunch” is provided

  4. Real wilderness instruction by an experienced guide

  5. A short hike throughout the Bruce Trail and Niagara Escarpment


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No actual standing trees are cut or damaged during this tour. We bring in logs and use custom made stands to hold them upright for the purposes of teaching others axe & bushcraft skills

Axes weren’t meant to be thrown and if your great grandfather saw you throwing his precious tool of survival - he’d feed you to the wolves. Learn what an axe is really for and fell a tree yourself with the help of our pros - buck it, split it, earn your beard