Introduction to Backcountry Snowshoeing

More than just another hike - a true Wilderness Experience

Experience the beautiful Blue Mountain/Niagara Escarpment area by joining a winter backcounty style hike. Get hands on with technical outdoor equipment to make a shelter, collect water and cook a meal prepared for the backcounty by your experienced guide.

Tour Details

Length: 2.0-4.0 Hours

$65 Adult

$35 Youth (with 2 adults)

Reservations are required


call to book/info

Our Backcountry Snowshoe Hiking Tour is an experience of the wilderness - a brief moment into what it is like to be surrounded by the wild and what it takes to survive it. With the right tools and assistance you will learn how techincal outdoor equipment works - like stoves/cookware, tents/shelters etc and pick up great tips you can take to your next adventure.

Our Backcountry Snowshoe Hiking Tour includes,

  1. Scenic lookouts and spectacular views

  2. Caves/crevices and rock formations to explore

  3. A pre-prepared meal by your guide (cooked by you)

  4. Real winter camping/wilderness instruction by an experienced guide

  5. Professional snowshoes are included for use during your tour


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Our Hiking Tours are conducted with sustainable travel techniques and “leave no trace” policy

snowshoes are removed during rock/cave sections to avoid unnecessary damage