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Length: 4.0-5.0 Hours


Our River Raft Tours are full of adventure and feature the calm and winding Nottawasaga River which outflows into Georgian Bay. Follow its path and experience the wilderness in a whole new way.

Our RIver Raft Tour includes,

  1. Natural environment and wildlife  - beavers, kingfishers, geese, ducks, eagles, frogs - etc

  2. Sand dunes and great lunch spots

  3. Real wilderness instruction by an experienced guide

Why use rafts? - They are stable, safe, comfortable and can carry more gear and equipment - making our tour easiest to take pictures of wildlife, pack a lunch, go for a swim and just enjoy the natural environment around you.

River Raft Paddling Tours

Experience the wilderness in a whole new way

Paddling along the calm Nottawasaga River there is amazing wildlife both in and out of the water - even Bald Eagles have been spotted along this great river. The Nottawasaga is a true gem of the area no matter what season - spring, summer or fall


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Southern Georgian Bay

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